Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

When The Kings Bring The Ultimate Convenience

Everytime i hear the sound of Kings of Convenience I just instantly calmed. Fell in love with Erlend and Eirik's calming voices, their delicate tunes, and their subtle guitar melodies.

And that's what I've got from their concert last night. They successfully brought the music on CD became real. As clearly, similarly, humbly, as the music you can hear. Not only I got the music, Even I fell in love more with their silliness, their stage effort, and their chemistry when playing music together.

For instance this conversation: Eirik told the audience he got flu just before the stage and said,
" Yesterday I just lied in bed, do nothing, because of this flu".
Erlend replies, "Yesterday I just lied in bed, do nothing, without the flu." And the crowded laughed.
And then Eirik replied with smile, "But all I know is, even you're sick, it's always good to be on stage and see you all."
Then Erlend tells us, " And all I know, without Erlend, I can't be here and face you all."

S W E E E T. Their friendship is sweet.

I also magnified by the tracks they've chosen to play. It's like reading my mind, knowing my favorite songs such as: "Boat Behind", "Me In You", "Peacetime Resistance", "Rule My World", "24-25" and their hit "Mrs.Cold". They also played some songs from former albums like "I'd Rather Dance With You", "Misread", "Homesick", and "Caymand Islands".

I never get a much chance to watch a concert, so having Kings of Convenience and their mesmerizing show in front of my eyes was very delightful to me. :)

photos from: detikcom