Sunday, April 19, 2009

Relationship Equals Drama?

My two female friends from college just had a sleepover in my house and you can guess what the girls do at a sleepovers: trashy, trashy, trashy talk! Well excuse us for making news even juicier! Hahaha...

Yes, that night we're talking about our friends around (especially girls) who seems to like to be in the spotlight on relationships by making such a drama. As far as we concern, these girls are making at least these three things:
1. By dumping their boyfriend for no reason, mostly they answer for the sake of being single, I don't know.. Maybe they're just feeling bored but have no other choice?
2. By writing their feelings in their status updates. Yeah you name it.. Facebook, YM, or else. They write down their feelings implicitly so people will ask, "What's wrong dear?"
3. By being a "firestarter" a.k.a "stormypetrel" a.k.a the one who cause a bad fighting for the most simple reason, like why their boyfriend didn't park their car in order.

After doing that, they REALLY let people know about what happened, in many ways. They could show up in the office with the swollen eyes or teardrops still hanging in there. Or they could spread it by telling it to everyone they meet. Everyone. Or the easiest way: put down their feelings in Facebook's status update box.

Why do they need that drama? Aren't we live in a real world, with no camera watching (exception for invisible God's camera)? Do we need that camera to spice up our life? I'm pretty sure that these Drama Queens are not seeking anything but attention. Maybe it's a mixed feelings of being left alone, anger, and a lot of hope to not be left out again.

I am very sorry if I sound like a judge here. But the term "Drama Queen" is not only prevailing for the "firestarter" type. I often think, maybe I don't start the fire as a part of playing the role. I don't get mad easily. I choose to be quiet for everything bothers me. But in the end, I do hope my boyfriend could feel what I feel, and then expect him to start the fire. So I'm not the firestarter, but I MAKE him to be.

Oh no. I think because we consider that life is too flat or too plain, we create a little festivity to make our life merrier.

By the way, where's the camera?