Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Which One Do You Like?

city view never been this gorgeous.

I am a morning person but I love the afternoon scene the most.

Sushi-Ya, A Little Japan Escape In Tebet

This weekend i don’t want to be a bed bug. So I said to a friend, take me wherever to the place I’ve never been. Hehe! She took me to a place called Sushi-ya in Tebet. Actually the place is somehow strategic, by looking at Endorse Distro Tebet in front of this place. But it’s so tiny that you would miss it if you’re not concentrating. :D

First time I entered it, I felt the atmosphere of Japan instantly. This place really looked like small sushi eatery I’ve seen in mangas or Japanese movies. The owner decorate this place with Daruma dolls and red lampions. They even put a “Jaian” doll too!

I ordered Nama Sake, fresh salmon sushi for just IDR 8.000! I was a little bit shocked, because the only sushi experience I had is from Sushi Tei. Well I just couldn’t believe that sushi can be that affordable. :) I also ordered Mount Fuji, whose description was really interesting: “smoke salmon roll topped with creamy sauce then baked until golden brown”. Sounds yummy, right? For this dish, I get 8 pieces of sushi only for IDR 18.000.

Nama Sake

Mount Fuji Roll

My friend Lulu ordered Salmon Skin Roll for IDR 11.000. Lia wants Shoi Maki Roll, salmon roll coated with tempura butter and lightly fried and topped with mayo for 25.000. For drinks, maybe we didn’t get free-flow Ocha like in Sushi Tei. But hot/cold Ocha here is ranging for only IDR 5.000. Oh, beside sushi and sashimi, you can try their Udon, Ogura Ice Cream, or Donburi (Rice Bowl). My stomach can’t accomodate those all, so why not you try and tell me how it taste?

Salmon Skin

Shoi Maki

My assessment for the taste, well… it’s good. I’m not a culinary expert so forgive my short review. All I can say is, for this affordable prices and a unique place it offers, I think Sushi-Ya is really really worth to try.