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Kids, Let Me Tell You About My Favorite Serial During My 20s.

Serial yang gue tonton dari jaman masih perawan tingting sampe beranak 1 ini telah selesai. HIKS.. Sedih tak terkira!

Gue akui, part yang justru suka bikin sebel selama nonton How I Met Your Mother adalah drama Ted-Robin-Barney. Still can’t believe how one circle of friendship manages to hang out together everyday where three of them are lovers-exes-lovers-married-divorcee. Mana endingnya begitu, lagi!

Despite of its crappy ending, How I Met Your Mother has made my day for years. Selama 9 tahun (nggak 9 tahun juga sih karena gue baru nonton serial ini circa 2008), How I Met Your Mother selalu sukses bikin ngakak, nangis, terharu, and in some ways.. inspired.

Now let me share the list about my favorite and legendary scenes and quotes from this serial. 

Most Romantic Scene
Ted and Stella’s 2 minute date. Stella (who left Ted at the altar) ceritanya supersibuk, makdarit ia menolak ajakan Ted buat kentjan. And Ted, with aaaallllll his effort, make this super sweet scenario about how things will work out between them by arranging 2-minutes-date. Includes movie, dinner, coffee time, strolling around, and kissing. Ya Tuhan, kun fayakun jadikanlah suamiku begini!

Funniest Moments
Tak lain dan tak bukan adalah ROBIN SPARKLE, penyanyi remaja dari Kanada yang telah menjelma dengan sempurna menjadi Robin Scherbatsky. How did the gang find about it? They thought Robin was a pornstar, but then they found out that Robin Sparkle is actually a teenage music star who had single “Let’s Go To The Mall.” Lagu ini sampe terngiang-ngiang di kuping gue selama berminggu-minggu. “everybody come and play.. throw at least one care away.. Let’s go to the mall.. todaaaaayyyy….”

Another funniest moment is when ted dating Kathy (Lindsay Price). Saking lagi in love, Ted sampe nggak nyadar kalo Kathy adalah orang yang cerewetnya mematikan. Yang nyadar tentu aja Robin, Barney, Lily dan Marshall. Ketika mereka memutuskan untuk ngasih tau Ted, there’s a sound of plate breaking (PRAAANGGG!) and finally it gets Ted. This leads to the whole gang fight and reveals their bad habits. Marshall suka bikin lagu annoying buat reminder apa yang mesti dikerjain, Lily kalo makan keripik suaranya kayak makan tulang dinosaurus, Barney suka spaced out alias nggak merhatiin kalo lagi diajak ngomong, Ted suka suka sok kepinteran ngoreksi kata-kata lawan bicaranya, dan Robin menggunakan kata “literally”dalam dosis lebay. This episode really cracks me up.

Most Heartbreaking Scene
Is when Lily and Marshall broke up (Season 2). Because they don’t break up. They just don’t.

And when Robin took over Ted’s voice and tell their kids about how he met their father.. But in the end the kids turn out to be only imaginary, since Robin can’t have kids. The sadness is killing me!

About Women Ted Dating
Favorit gue adalah Blah-Blah si tukang atur yang ketemu Ted di game online World of Warcraft. Walaupun dese gila, tapi cantik berat! :)) Tempat kedua dimenangkan oleh Stella dan Victoria.

Si Blah-Blah :)) 

The worst, of course, adalah Jeanette si polisi kurang waras. Dan Karen, cewek yang dipacarin Ted selama kuliah dan superjahat, dan lagi-lagi karena Ted suka buta karena cinta, nggak nyadar kalo dimanfaatin abis-abisan. Ketiga, Zoey. Nggak ada alasan, sebel aja :D

Best Idea of Friendship
Dimenangkan oleh Intervention.  It’s the gang’s method of countering if one of them is having some annoying behavior. Contohnya waktu Lily secara berlebihan pake aksen British, atau topi Marshall yang ganggu. Penting yaaa! Why can’t we use this method in real world? Biar nggak ada yang sebel-sebelan diem-diem gitu..

I also love the idea of Slapsgiving. It’s like Thanksgiving but.. It’s a slap. Barang siapa yang kalah taruhan harus memilih di antara 2 pilihan: 10 tamparan untuk saat ini atau 5 untuk waktu yang tak terhingga. Selain itu ada juga slap judge yang menentukan sah atau tidaknya tamparan berlangsung. I love this idea (and I’m not a masochist).

Best Song Produced From The Serial
“Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”

I said a Bang Bang Bangity Bang.. I said a bang bang bangity bang!!

Favorite Lessons Learned
Ini bagian di mana gue sering ngangguk-ngangguk setuju (cieeee…), malah kalo saking dalemnya suka terharu sampe mbrebes mili. Jleeeeeb…

Berikut kumpulan quotes paporit.

Ted: “You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That's why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.” à belom tua aja udah berasa kalo quote ini bener banget..

Barney (to Robin): From this day forward, I’m always going to be honest with you, because I love you. “ à what a woman could ask for more?

Stella: “I know that you're tired of waiting. And you may have to wait a little while more, but she's on her way Ted. And she's getting here as fast as she can.” à buat yang lagi menanti jodoh.. been there! Been in the pain!


Marshall & Lily (after realizing that wedding vows are too perfect for the messy marriage life and they decided to renew their wedding vows):

Marshall: “one set [of vows] can’t cover a lifetime of growing and changing with you, of raising children with you, falling more and more in love with you every day.” à yang udah ngerasain pernikahan pasti nyesssss bangeeetttt L

And to sum up life lessons from HIMYM in one picture:

So after 9 seasons, I should bid farewell to my favorite serial. Let there be no desperate spinoff. Because what is legendary should stay that way :)

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