Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love How You..

- Always wait for me to sleep first because you don’t want to your snore to wake me up
- Suddenly takes me dancing in a random afternoon when it’s raining.. you and your surprises.
- Always ask for my permission everytime you want to go to the toilet... :))
- Kiss me on my forehead when I was asleep everytime you have the early flight
- Do the dishes because you know how tired I was after cooking
- Take my hand on our car when the traffic light turns red
- Talk about 90s with me. Growing up in the same era makes us like know everything! :D
- Keep your promise to always make me happy since 2007.. you're keeping it til now.

PS: This list is gonna keep going how mushy they are, and may this note becomes the cure everytime we have the hard times.

your wife