Wednesday, August 29, 2012

27 Days of Heartbreak

So, I was doing my midnight blogwalking as usual and I found this link:

written by @k0nnyaku

It's about how one person undergo his/her life in the breakup aftermath. But it's not about the tears he/she shed, nor about how hurt he/she is, nor about he/she tries to forget it instantly.

After reading the whole blog, I feel mesmerized, and sad at the same time. It's been so long since I've been this captivated on how strong a writing can be. There are no pictures, but it's beautifully portrayed. One have to read it word by word, to feel what I feel.

So I'm just gonna summarize the blog in my own words.

When 2 people who have been together for a long time breaking up, is not that simple. It's not just separating between "me" and "you" and all the things will be left behind.

It's about the habit. How he/she put the toothbrush, or how much sugar you put in his/her coffee, how he/she smells after a bath.

It's about preferences, what he/she loves and hates and how it affects you. Sometimes you become to like or hate what your partners do, and when she/he's gone, everything is confusing.

It's about the people who thought you're still together. Who always connects you to him/her.

It's about possession. Things you own, he/she owns, or you own together.

It's like the world you live in, not livable anymore. And everything surrounds you feels like strangers.

That every single tiny steps in a heartbreak. Not trying to fix anything, yet not necessarily moving on,  just live day by day while watching how the world slowly changes.

And how things you build together... falls apart.

I personally, not in condition of brokenhearted. But reading this blog makes it like somebody just shattered my heart into pieces. Like watching movies and watch the character slowly dying, and all you can do is sit and wait.

Like million people in this world, I love happy endings.

So I long to the day 27, where I can find him/her doing just fine.

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