Friday, June 5, 2009

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Once I fell in love with this girl's blog since her writings are kindly inspiring, sometimes mind-blowing. But then when I read over and over again, it turns that her critical mind has transformed into judging with art.

Once I really hate this situation that I am still registered as a student in the age 24 but then I realized it's kind of privileges to skip office when I get bored.

Once I like a friend because she's got a point when talking and sound courageous to me but then she sounds like a statement girl because she's always starting sentences by, "Because I am...."

Once I hate my boyfriend, but mostly I love him. :)

I really really hate when this accute insomnia attacked me but then I track that that is when the "rare thoughts" come.

Once I hate how I am becoming worse each day, but hey, I enjoy it. I also love the consciousness to fix it before too late.

Once I hate how problems hit all of the sudden and make me bleed. But afterall I'm bleed just to know I'm alive.