Sunday, May 10, 2009

When The Needle Goes Right

The needle goes to the right.
But that right movement is so wrong.

(this is just illustration, okay?)

Then I straightly wonder...
Do I exactly eat thrice a day? Yes I do.
Oh well, I've always ordered ice tea with sugar along with my lunch.
Oh yeah, I admit that I've indulged to afternoon snack, sometimes.
But how can a human resist one bite of risoles or two?
How all of the sudden my metabolism decided to move slower than it used to?

But I feel fine, really. Maybe I regain what I lose, but it doesn't depress me at some ways. Maybe what would bother is what people would say. How people around would comment to the changes they see. It's quite bothering because getting fatter and chubbier is identical with:
1. the condition under the stress
2. broken hearted
3. getting uglier (damn.)
4. happiness (it makes you crave all the time?)
5. pregnancy (d'oh)

However, getting fatter always leading to some perceptions behind it. Well, just guess mine.