Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jumping From Seventh Floor!

I consider myself as a "unlucky". Not to mean being ungrateful, but unlucky here means I rarely get a chance to win a lottery. Hehehe.. But that does not happen when this afternoon I came to some press conference in FX Mall, Sudirman. Actually it was some kind of ordinary press conference I usually attend: Pay TV Cinemax has changed its name into "Max" and become a action channel, bla bla bla.. At the end of the show, they drew the name cards from the press. They choose 15 lucky people to experience the Atmosfear, an FX Mall's famous sliding.

I really didn't think my name would come out. Plus, I have a second thought about trying that terryfing sliding board.. Yes of course! What do you think about throwing someone from seventh to ground floor for just 10 seconds? CREEEPPPYYYY... But then I shocked when Mario Lawalata, Cinemax ambassador, read the first name that came out... Guess who?
Syarifah Maulidina, from Female-Sister Magazine.. which is me.

Ha-ha. I was frightened at the first place, to be honest. But then I realized that somehow I SHOULD hit that frightening thing since that Atmosfear costs pretty expensive for the ones who'd like to jump for it, so the chance for trying this was like a golden chance... hohoho!

taken by Susan, Sister Magazine's intern before I jump
finally landed!
Not much said! I was like drowning in heartbeat while I was waiting for my turn (the LAST turn), so I said "Bismillah" and then I was pushed into that hole of terror!!!! AAAARRGGHH!!! I barely remembered where am I, I was just trying to close my eyes but I also want see what I could see! But before I could think, I have landed in a soft pad in a speed that only God knows... And thankfully I survived... Hahahaha... I record 10, 46 seconds for that slide, and what I could just say is, that is the LONGEST TEN SECONDS I EVER HAD!!

Thank you MAX (before: Cinemax) for giving me such an experience!