Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Tree That Shedding Leaves

I feel like the tree that shedding its leaves
Til it's bald
I might be taking the risk
For being rotten alone

But what to fear
Even teak tree sheds its leaves
Just to make things alright
Just to protect itself
Through the hard times of dry weather

All I know, I've got stronger root now
I'm no fear in shedding my leaves
I know, someday..
My leaves are gonna grow again
Ten times greener
Ten times denser.

goodbye Sister Magazine. I know you're in good hands now. I'm leaving but will always take care of you along the way.

Picture taken from here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally, You Let Me Go

Normal people get through you for only 4 years.
For me it took 6 years.
It was rough.
It took tears and hatred.
I mess my life here and there.
I struggled so hard to be free from you.

And finally....
On Wednesday, 17th of June

You let me go...

Thank God...

I graduate.

Miska, Me, and Oik after sidang

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Once I fell in love with this girl's blog since her writings are kindly inspiring, sometimes mind-blowing. But then when I read over and over again, it turns that her critical mind has transformed into judging with art.

Once I really hate this situation that I am still registered as a student in the age 24 but then I realized it's kind of privileges to skip office when I get bored.

Once I like a friend because she's got a point when talking and sound courageous to me but then she sounds like a statement girl because she's always starting sentences by, "Because I am...."

Once I hate my boyfriend, but mostly I love him. :)

I really really hate when this accute insomnia attacked me but then I track that that is when the "rare thoughts" come.

Once I hate how I am becoming worse each day, but hey, I enjoy it. I also love the consciousness to fix it before too late.

Once I hate how problems hit all of the sudden and make me bleed. But afterall I'm bleed just to know I'm alive.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Because I am Human

I pray but I curse

I am a struggler but also an opportunist

I flatter but I also talk behind your  back

I am honest but I am also a smooth-talker

I don't imitate but I take a peek

I save but I spend in a glance

I'm progressively degressive

I make you laugh but I avoid you

I'm happy for you but I envy you secretly

I give something but I hope reward someday

I'm always here but not always available

-Karang Tengah, May 24 th, 07.56 PM-

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So, Wait....

"Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough."
George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When The Needle Goes Right

The needle goes to the right.
But that right movement is so wrong.

(this is just illustration, okay?)

Then I straightly wonder...
Do I exactly eat thrice a day? Yes I do.
Oh well, I've always ordered ice tea with sugar along with my lunch.
Oh yeah, I admit that I've indulged to afternoon snack, sometimes.
But how can a human resist one bite of risoles or two?
How all of the sudden my metabolism decided to move slower than it used to?

But I feel fine, really. Maybe I regain what I lose, but it doesn't depress me at some ways. Maybe what would bother is what people would say. How people around would comment to the changes they see. It's quite bothering because getting fatter and chubbier is identical with:
1. the condition under the stress
2. broken hearted
3. getting uglier (damn.)
4. happiness (it makes you crave all the time?)
5. pregnancy (d'oh)

However, getting fatter always leading to some perceptions behind it. Well, just guess mine.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I bet this movie will be really funny because it already make me giggle just by its posters. Can't wait!

Watch the trailer here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Formula Of Everything

Sometimes we don't have any idea the origins of our feelings, statements, or behaviors. Where it came from? It's some kind of mixed thoughts, but how we count the mixes?

But I got the answer here.

How I love it.

It's cynically exact.

Oh.. this one's my favorite.
Happiness is a simple formula. Cannot agree more.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Life supposed to be upgraded, isn't it?

But a lot of humans are downgrading it instead.

Someone who used to be anti-caffeine becomes caffeine junkie.
Someone who used to do exercise becomes a lazy ass and sport absent.
Someone who used to pray five times a day reduces it into three times to zero.
Someone who never disobey parent's rule finds a way to make a lie to them.
Someone who used to be tidy becomes a mess.


Because degradation happens slowly.
Because degradation feels good.
Because degradation seems excusable for the first times.
Because degradation is simple and a lot easier, so it's hard to realize.

Please... don't open when it's knocking on your door. Don't even hear it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Relationship Equals Drama?

My two female friends from college just had a sleepover in my house and you can guess what the girls do at a sleepovers: trashy, trashy, trashy talk! Well excuse us for making news even juicier! Hahaha...

Yes, that night we're talking about our friends around (especially girls) who seems to like to be in the spotlight on relationships by making such a drama. As far as we concern, these girls are making at least these three things:
1. By dumping their boyfriend for no reason, mostly they answer for the sake of being single, I don't know.. Maybe they're just feeling bored but have no other choice?
2. By writing their feelings in their status updates. Yeah you name it.. Facebook, YM, or else. They write down their feelings implicitly so people will ask, "What's wrong dear?"
3. By being a "firestarter" a.k.a "stormypetrel" a.k.a the one who cause a bad fighting for the most simple reason, like why their boyfriend didn't park their car in order.

After doing that, they REALLY let people know about what happened, in many ways. They could show up in the office with the swollen eyes or teardrops still hanging in there. Or they could spread it by telling it to everyone they meet. Everyone. Or the easiest way: put down their feelings in Facebook's status update box.

Why do they need that drama? Aren't we live in a real world, with no camera watching (exception for invisible God's camera)? Do we need that camera to spice up our life? I'm pretty sure that these Drama Queens are not seeking anything but attention. Maybe it's a mixed feelings of being left alone, anger, and a lot of hope to not be left out again.

I am very sorry if I sound like a judge here. But the term "Drama Queen" is not only prevailing for the "firestarter" type. I often think, maybe I don't start the fire as a part of playing the role. I don't get mad easily. I choose to be quiet for everything bothers me. But in the end, I do hope my boyfriend could feel what I feel, and then expect him to start the fire. So I'm not the firestarter, but I MAKE him to be.

Oh no. I think because we consider that life is too flat or too plain, we create a little festivity to make our life merrier.

By the way, where's the camera?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dehumanizing Technology

Excuse me.

What is the ESSENCE of hanging out and chit-chatting if your thumb is busy scrolling for sending e-mails, tagging and replying photo comments, and sending jokes in your phone messenger?

If so, why are we here? Why we don't we just sit in silence and exchanging the messages by thumb anyway?

Sorrrry....No offense. Just a complain from a non-user of that famous phone brand who surronded by the users.


Friday, April 10, 2009


Life isn’t supposed to be an all or nothing battle between misery and bliss. Life isn’t supposed to be a battle at all. And when it comes to happiness, well, sometimes life is just okay, sometimes it’s comfortable, sometimes wonderful, sometimes boring, sometimes unpleasant. When your day’s not perfect, it’s not a failure or a terrible loss. It’s just another day." - Barbara Sher

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jay Kay Is A Shy Person

Ok, before you read this review about Jamiroquai's concert last night, I want to tell you that I'm not their big fan. I adore few of their songs, but lately I didn't catch up. Moreover, I got the last-minute free ticket so I was kinda lack of preparation (reciting Jamiroquai's songs a week before called preparation for me, hehe).

The concert started at 8.30 pm (late half an hour from the schedule), with opening act by Dimi. I recognized her as an ex member of Maliq n D'essentials. She performed very well and smooth, despite that her baby bump whose the occupant looked like to see the world soon :D. After one hour performing, the crowd seemed like to be jittery since it's already 09.45 pm. And then the MC showed up, bringing Judika to the stage and asked the crowd to sing our nationality song, Indonesia Raya. I was really disappointed with these people, because they seem so ashamed to sing THEIR OWN nationality song. Unenthusiastic. After the show, I found out that "Seven Days in Sunny June" echoed louder than Indonesia Raya. *sigh*

And finally, at the 09.52 pm, Jay Kay and friends showed up and the crowd started to shout. Besides Jay Kay, the personnels on stage were: Derrick McKenzie (drums), Matthew Richard Johnson (keyboard), Paul Stephen Turner (bass), Robert Kenneth Harris (guitar), William Kenneth Fry (percussion), with two back vocalists, Valerie Etienne and Hazel Fernandes. Jay Kay wore a checkered hat, blue jacket, and white slack. Sexy!

Without waiting very long, Jay Kay opened the show with "The Kids". Ehem. I don't know this song. And they continued with "High Times". Once again, all I can do is shaking my head without ever humming with the crowd. Hehehe, sorry! After that, I expect that Jay Kay will scream a loud greeting to Jakarta like Jason Mraz did on Java Jazz Festival 2009. But no. He just smiled, and said, "the next song is...."

Back to the show, they then brought "Seven Days in Sunny June". Aww, my favorite song! But unfortunately, they kinda cut the song and continued it with "Alright". But nevermind, because Jay Kay was very energetic! He continuously jumped from one side stage to the other. I also love the way he danced. "Little L" added much my to my boogie, but the next three songs just made me sit in the chair because my lack of lyric-knowledge. Hehehe! They are "Black Capricorn Day", "Use The Force", and "Traveling Without Moving". After those 3 songs, they erased my boredom by singing 4 songs I know: “Cosmic Girl“, “Space Cowboy“, “Canned Heat” and “Love Foolosophy“. Yeah, finally I can sing, hahaha...

After "Love Foolosophy", the band put the music to the end and went to backstage. Haha! Classic encore. The crowd started to shout "we want more" chant. I bet they are coming again with"Virtual Insanity" or "Deeper Underground". Yes! They showed up again, and they chose "Deeper Underground" for Jakarta. And the show ended, for real.

In conclusion, I once again would say: Jay Kay is a shy person. Because he didn't say much to his adorers. I can give you guidelines to what he said yesterday:
"Everybody cool?"
"I heard you guys are going to vote tomorrow."
"The next song is called.."

Hello Jay Kay! How come you didn't say hello for your starter? For the transition one song to another, he mostly spent it busy talking to the band. I'm a beginner at concerts, so I assumed that EVERY musician is a festive person. But then I realized, every musician has their own character. I thought that every musician could put some more energy to the crowd, but afterall musician is only human, so it's not their fault if they are shy, right?

Three famous songs missing though, "Virtual Insanity", "Corner of The Earth", and "Emergency on Planet Earth". And "Falling", my favorite one. But it was OK. Not dissapointing, yet not very satisfying.

Oh and did I hear Jay Kay say, "see you next year"? Will they perform on Java Jazz 2010? Let's see!

photo by: Jazzuality

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Appreciating Yourself Through Fashion

Hello! This is the third day I've been attacked by flu, and after two days forcing myself to work, I officially gave up today. Hehehe.. Well I supposed to work on my thesis, but I think I'm gonna spend my hours watching DVDs and surfing people's blogs (my favorite activities in the whooooollllee world).

Recently, I love reading blogs from fashionable people. Usually, these people (most are girls) take photo of themselves and post it into their writings daily. Not to forget, they also tell the readers where they got that stuffs, following the price. I first knew one fashion blog is from Hot Chocolate and Mint, belongs to Diana Rikasari. I think she is a brilliant girl! Not only she's a die-hard fashionable girl, but she's also effin' creative that she can make a tie-dye pants by her own. From her blog links, then I found out that sooo many Indonesian girls who have their own fashion blog too.

As far as I know, Indonesian people has a rapid and significant changes in their taste about fashion. If we look back in the year 2000s, where would you find girls wearing a black tights and a neon pink high-heels in the mall? We used to think that those kind of styles are just for Japanese teenagers hanging out in Shibuya where no people would stare strangely at them. I also read some old magazines from my collection back when I was 16-17 years old, and rarely find "fashion spread" pages in them. And if you do, don't you just pass that pages, because the clothes are kind of haute-couture style, not affordable, and odd?

But now, you can find stylish people everywhere. Stylish here means that they "dare" to put something "WOW" like knee boots, unmatched pairs of top and bottom, and even glittery leggings. Fashion spread rubric in a magazine is a MUST, and it becomes more inspiring to see. And if we look back again, fashion industry never been this promising. You name it, fashion designer, fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, fashion editor or fashion stylist are just a part of the long list fashion professions.

Despite my job as an editor in teenage fashion magazine, I don't see myself as a fashionable person. I don't like wearing bright colors, and I don't have any courage to wear something that a little bit quirky. I have too much ordinary taste like skinny black pants, plaid shirt, some colorful shawls, and flat shoes. Sometimes I gazed into my fashionable friends at office and some stylish people I met, I can say I'd love to be one of them! But mostly, that wish let be a wish, because then I end up buying stuffs that I feel safe in them. For me, change in fashion is like.. an courageous jump! I don't exaggerate because in my opinion, if you change your style, it means you are ready to receive strange look or comments (positively or negatively) from people, and it also changes the way you see yourself in the mirror.

I just admire girls with their witty taste of fashion, yet brave to go out from their house and let the people have their own interpretation. I think these girls exactly know how to appreciate themselves. They love their body and they put fancy stuff from top to toe to make it look incredibly good. Me? I'm on my way to find something to appreciate myself, and I see being more fashionable is worth to try.

Oh.. As a starter, I bought one pair of red Vincci boots yesterday by online. I don't have any guts to wear it. Encourage me, please!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jumping From Seventh Floor!

I consider myself as a "unlucky". Not to mean being ungrateful, but unlucky here means I rarely get a chance to win a lottery. Hehehe.. But that does not happen when this afternoon I came to some press conference in FX Mall, Sudirman. Actually it was some kind of ordinary press conference I usually attend: Pay TV Cinemax has changed its name into "Max" and become a action channel, bla bla bla.. At the end of the show, they drew the name cards from the press. They choose 15 lucky people to experience the Atmosfear, an FX Mall's famous sliding.

I really didn't think my name would come out. Plus, I have a second thought about trying that terryfing sliding board.. Yes of course! What do you think about throwing someone from seventh to ground floor for just 10 seconds? CREEEPPPYYYY... But then I shocked when Mario Lawalata, Cinemax ambassador, read the first name that came out... Guess who?
Syarifah Maulidina, from Female-Sister Magazine.. which is me.

Ha-ha. I was frightened at the first place, to be honest. But then I realized that somehow I SHOULD hit that frightening thing since that Atmosfear costs pretty expensive for the ones who'd like to jump for it, so the chance for trying this was like a golden chance... hohoho!

taken by Susan, Sister Magazine's intern before I jump
finally landed!
Not much said! I was like drowning in heartbeat while I was waiting for my turn (the LAST turn), so I said "Bismillah" and then I was pushed into that hole of terror!!!! AAAARRGGHH!!! I barely remembered where am I, I was just trying to close my eyes but I also want see what I could see! But before I could think, I have landed in a soft pad in a speed that only God knows... And thankfully I survived... Hahahaha... I record 10, 46 seconds for that slide, and what I could just say is, that is the LONGEST TEN SECONDS I EVER HAD!!

Thank you MAX (before: Cinemax) for giving me such an experience!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Comfort to me means..

the smell of coffee
the sound of sudden silence when I turn the air conditioner off
the smell of someone I fond of
when radio plays my favorite song
disney's soundtrack.. don't know why
after watching a good movie
hearing nice words from a friend when I was clueless and down
lost and then found things
unpolished nails

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Really Good At Wasting My Time

Today is Sunday, and all I have done is:

07.40 AM : woke up and had breakfast.

08.00 - 10.00 AM : watched that cheesy-horror movie on Cinemax titled "Behind The Walls".

10.00 AM- 12.00 PM : found that HBO playing "The Ghost Rider" so my ass didn't want to move. :P

12.00 - 13.00: hit the internet a.k.a checking Facebook, reading people blogs, and bla bla bla..

13.00 - 14.00: took a shower and sholat.

14.00 - 15.00: I really didn't remember what I did. Oh! I was frightened by the huge storm and massive rain out there.. My window just keep opened although it was locked. I was REALLY scared.

15.00 - 17.00: slept like a baby.

17.00 - 18.00: hungry like a pig. Thank god there was fuyunghai in the table.

18.00 - now: coffee, music, and still trying to concentrate.


To stop feeling guilty, then I listened to the The Comforters who said: "long live lazy Sunday.."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is the last time..

I took you to airport to leave me. We will struggle for the next and the last five months. Just can't believe after a year of distance we are still here, at the same place. This is finally the last phase, baby. So let's do it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Morning Waker

This morning when i woke up, i saw this scene. My hungry cat was waiting for me to beg for her breakfast, hehe! Unfortunately, she stucked on plastic bags. I don't know where she got it. But she just made my day. Love love love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Which One Do You Like?

city view never been this gorgeous.

I am a morning person but I love the afternoon scene the most.

Sushi-Ya, A Little Japan Escape In Tebet

This weekend i don’t want to be a bed bug. So I said to a friend, take me wherever to the place I’ve never been. Hehe! She took me to a place called Sushi-ya in Tebet. Actually the place is somehow strategic, by looking at Endorse Distro Tebet in front of this place. But it’s so tiny that you would miss it if you’re not concentrating. :D

First time I entered it, I felt the atmosphere of Japan instantly. This place really looked like small sushi eatery I’ve seen in mangas or Japanese movies. The owner decorate this place with Daruma dolls and red lampions. They even put a “Jaian” doll too!

I ordered Nama Sake, fresh salmon sushi for just IDR 8.000! I was a little bit shocked, because the only sushi experience I had is from Sushi Tei. Well I just couldn’t believe that sushi can be that affordable. :) I also ordered Mount Fuji, whose description was really interesting: “smoke salmon roll topped with creamy sauce then baked until golden brown”. Sounds yummy, right? For this dish, I get 8 pieces of sushi only for IDR 18.000.

Nama Sake

Mount Fuji Roll

My friend Lulu ordered Salmon Skin Roll for IDR 11.000. Lia wants Shoi Maki Roll, salmon roll coated with tempura butter and lightly fried and topped with mayo for 25.000. For drinks, maybe we didn’t get free-flow Ocha like in Sushi Tei. But hot/cold Ocha here is ranging for only IDR 5.000. Oh, beside sushi and sashimi, you can try their Udon, Ogura Ice Cream, or Donburi (Rice Bowl). My stomach can’t accomodate those all, so why not you try and tell me how it taste?

Salmon Skin

Shoi Maki

My assessment for the taste, well… it’s good. I’m not a culinary expert so forgive my short review. All I can say is, for this affordable prices and a unique place it offers, I think Sushi-Ya is really really worth to try.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Look What We’ve Done!

Feeling bored in office for me is like a vicious circle, you face it everyday on and on and on and on…
So, me and my office buddies decided to escape after lunch, look for some tie-dye shirts (even tie-dye is now very lame) at Pasar Tanah Abang, and then have some photoshoots in Monas! Haha..

It was reallllyy reallllyy fuuunnnn…
I didn’t realize that time really flies when you have fun, so I got back to my office at 7.37 pm.
I feel guilty to my boss… :(